Magic Square Visualisations

This is an art/research project by Fania Raczinski and Dave Everitt.

Read more about the culture, history, and theory of magic squares.

There are 4 pages which have slightly different purposes.

Shows all* magic squares of a given order in a given style.
Shows all magic squares of a given order in a given style which share a given length.
This can be used to identify similar patterns in otherwise unique number sequences.
Either displays the given number sequence as a magic line in all styles, or
shows all styles for each of the given IDs of the given order.
Currently this is a space to display the Agrippa set of astrological magic squares togther one one screen.

* Orders 5+ are incomplete sets.

How to Use:

Press 's' to hide/show the interface.

Press 'F11' (on Windows) or 'Ctrl Cmd F' (on a Mac) to toggle fullscreen.


ORDER-GROUPS printing is optimised for to fit all squares of an order on one A4 page.