Fania presents +

Demo: ?fania_presents_demo

made with love and reveal

How to use

USER = GitHub username
REPO = GitHub repository name
FILE = filename within above repo
specify as FOLDER/FILE
e.g. ?daveeveritt_tech3015_labs/lab-03

How to use 2

fullscreen slides
press F to enter & ESC to exit, or
press F11 to enter & F11 to exit
slide overview
press O or ESC
add #/NUMBER to end of url
e.g. ?fania_presents_demo#/1

How to use 3

prepare source markdown with absolute urls
i.e. absolute kitten instead of relative kitten

Mix Presentations

create a master markdown file that contains:

  • # Contents on the first line (verbatim)
  • user repo file for each file on a new line after

  # Contents 
  fania presents demo
  daveeveritt tech3015 readme

e.g. ?fania_presents_multiple


print as text
right click and select Print...
or press Ctrl + P
print as slides
add _print-pdf to end of url
(e.g. ?fania_presents_demo_print-pdf)
(e.g. ?fania_presents_multiple_mix_print-pdf)
and then same as above